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Money is valuable because of what it can buy. It can be exchanged for virtually any good or service that is available or it can be saved and exchanged for them in the future. Money’s “command over resources”—its purchasing power—is the basis of its value and future economic benefits.

- FASB SFAC No. 6, Paragraph 29

Money, Currency, and Media of Exchange

Compares the meaning of these terms.

Reporting Currency and Monetary Calculation

Explains how to choose the best reporting currency.

The total demand for money on the market consists of two parts: the exchange demand for money (by sellers of all other goods that wish to purchase money) and the reservation demand for money (the demand for money to hold by those who already hold it).

- Murray Rothbard

Demand for Money

Analyzes the demand for bitcoins.

Supply of Money

Analyzes the supply of bitcoins.

Money wasn’t built for the Internet. Bitcoin was.

- Fred Wilson

Virtual and Real Currency

Discusses the false dichotomy created by FinCEN's regulatory framework.

Distributed Networks and Automation

Bitcoin is of the Internet.

Something that gains exchange value from scratch on the open market — and does so at a logarithmic pace — might then reasonably be described as being in a process of “hyper-monetization.”

- Konrad Graf

Becoming Money is a Process

Explains monetization.

Financial Reporting with a Monetizing Currency

Identifies problems with being inbetween two currencies and coping strategies.